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About Lanier Pools

Lanier Pools and Spas has been a well-established pool and spa services provider in South Carolina since 1998. We proudly serve homeowners and business owners throughout the state at our home office in Columbia, SC and our second office in Myrtle Beach. Our Columbia home location handles the pool and spa needs of residential and commercial properties in areas in and around Columbia, SC. Clients throughout Myrtle Beach and the entire Grand Strand have our second location ready to help with everything except spa and hot tub sales. Every customer is important to us, and we provide consistent service quality to ensure each project is a pleasant and memorable experience. From construction and installation to maintenance and leak solutions, we have around 5,000 customers covered to keep them cool in the summer and relaxed in a bubbling spa.


Providing Dependable Service Since 1998

For over 20 years, we have expanded our expertise and skillset while providing exceptional pool and spa services to residents throughout the state. Our team of highly trained pool experts is well-versed in a comprehensive collection of essential services, encompassing your pool or spa’s inception to regular maintenance to keep the water clean and the structure in top condition. We have extensive knowledge of various pool and spa types, from simple designs and modest budgets to extravagant investments with visually stunning features. Our fleet of over 20 trucks is always ready to respond to project requests, equipped with industry-trusted tools and equipment. You also get the best possible results because we use top-quality products and materials on every job.

Pool & Spa Expertise in Construction, Maintenance, & More

Whether your project involves a new look on your existing pool, installing a brand-new spa in your backyard, or staying current on your pool’s condition and safety, Lanier Pools and Spas has you covered. We specialize in a broad range of pool and spa services, from quality construction and installations to regular maintenance. If you need a renovation to recreate your pool, let our team carefully perform the process. Pools might develop a leak for many reasons, but we quickly identify the cause and provide solutions to restore your pool’s integrity. Pool supplies are another specialty of ours. We have an extensive assortment of pool supplies available for purchase, including filters, cleaners, and skimmers.

Lanier Pools and Spas Is Ready to Serve You

Lanier Pools and Spas is ready to help you build or install a new pool or spa at your home or business and keep it in top condition. Our dedication to a high-quality, memorable service experience ensures you get unmatched results and satisfaction on every job.

Schedule Pool or Spa Service at Your Home or Business