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Pool Maintenance to Keep Your Pool in Top Condition

Many pool owners see their investment as a backyard escape from their busy daily lives where they can have fun and cool off during the summer. However, staying on top of routine cleaning and maintenance can be time-consuming and bothersome, especially if you have a family or business to manage. Some pool owners might take on their own maintenance to save money, but the list of tasks can be daunting. Lanier Pools and Spas has your pool maintenance covered in Myrtle Beach and Columbia, SC-area communities, including the entire Grand Strand. Our services are available to homeowners and business owners who want to maintain their pools’ cleanliness and pristine condition.


Save Time During Your Busy Schedule

Lanier Pools and Spas takes pride in our service quality and the convenience it provides to customers. We help you invest your precious free time into enjoying your pool instead of wasting your weekends cleaning it. Our team has ample experience and professional-grade equipment to complete your pool maintenance quickly and easily, so you enjoy the waves without all the work. You can relax knowing we ensure your pool chemicals are balanced and your water is clean and safe. A pool chemical-balancing kit can be accurate, but professional assistance is the best option. We also offer pool opening and closing services for the beginning and end of the pool season. Rest assured your pool will be ready for fun at the beginning of the summer and safely prepared for the winter.

Protect Your Home or Business Investment

You spent a lot of money constructing or installing your pool, so you want it to stay in top condition for years to come. Staying on top of pool maintenance is vital to protecting your pool and optimizing its longevity. Keeping pool chemicals properly balanced ensures the equipment works optimally and minimizes damage your vinyl damage suffers from time, use, and exposure to various elements. Our team also identifies malfunctioning or failing parts while we maintain your pool, and we can replace them before their dysfunction results in significant repairs. We have been a well-established pool company for decades, and we take our work quality and reputation seriously. Helping you maintain your pool and water condition is of the utmost importance to protect your investment, and our capable team is ready to assist you.

Serving Customers in Myrtle Beach & Columbia SC

Lanier Pools and Spas is ready to keep your pool clean and running in top condition with professional pool maintenance. We will gladly schedule regular service at your home or business, from swimming season’s start to end.

Schedule Pool or Spa Service at Your Home or Business