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Pool Leak Experts in Myrtle Beach & Columbia, SC

If your water level has dropped or your water bills have skyrocketed, you might have a pool leak. This problem requires highly trained professionals to diagnose the cause and perform conclusive repairs. Lanier Pools and Spas is ready to help clients in and around our location in Myrtle Beach, SC, serving communities throughout the area like the entire Grand Strand, and our home location in Columbia, SC with pool leaks.


Common Causes of Pool Leaks

A pool leak can happen for one or more of many reasons, from the plumbing to a crack in the pool’s structure. Lanier Pools and Spas carefully determines the source of your leak to ensure conclusive repairs. Some of the most common causes of pool leaks include the following:

Structural Damage

If there is a crack in your concrete this spot is the perfect place to check for a leak source. Structural damage can happen anywhere in your pool, and the resulting water loss can ruin your home or business investment. We may use a dye test to investigate where the leak is coming from, which might be around the lights, returns, or other fixtures.

Plumbing Issues

Corrosion and ground movement can cause underground leaks from your pool due to plumbing damage or a puncture in your pool’s floor. Finding leaks underground or under your decking can be difficult, so our team uses sonar equipment to identify them. If we discover you have a leak due to a plumbing issue, we quickly fix the problem to save you money and restore your pool.

Mechanical Issues

Your pool might have an automatic fill device, making a drop in the water level harder to detect. Higher water bills and chemical imbalances might indicate a leak, and it might be because of the skimmer pipe. If this pipe is the source, the repair process may involve ripping up your deck. Fortunately, it’s rare for your skimmer pipe to be the leak source.

Loose or Broken Fittings

A pipe leak can be an expensive and time-consuming problem to repair, but your pipe might no be the specific source of a leak. Instead of a crack, break, or collapsed pipe, you might find the leak where joint connections were made during construction or installation. This is a common problem in pools and spas, and we can easily fix it, depending on the joint connection’s location.

Broken Pipes

While a broken pipe is less likely than a loose or broken fitting, this problem is a possibility that requires our expert repair services. You might have a leak where the return pipe meets the pool wall, or your main drain might be the source, calling for proper training and equipment to identify and fix it. Equalizer pipes are of an older pool’s most likely suspects, connecting the skimmer’s underside with the main drain.

Lanier Pools and Spas Will Restore Your Pool

Lanier Pools and Spas has your repair needs covered whenever you discover your pool has a leak. We are proud of our team’s exceptional level of service quality on every job.

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