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Residential & Commercial Pool Construction

Lanier Pools and Spas understands how significant your new pool investment is and works hard to ensure you get a finished swimming pool that meets or exceeds your expectations. Residential and commercial clients are welcome to employ our pool construction services in Myrtle Beach, Columbia, and many other communities across South Carolina.


Steps to Construct Your New Pool

The pool construction process stretches for several weeks, starting with the initial design and approval. Lanier Pools and Spas has summarized the steps we follow to complete your new pool:

Layout & Design

Our team works with you to create your chosen pool design, including what size, shape, and features you want to include. After spray painting the design on your yard at the pool’s location, we get your approval to start the construction process.


Excavating the pool site involves big machinery removing soil and creating an appropriate space to construct your pool. We will need to pull permits, and the digging process can take a couple of days.

Steel Installation

After the excavation step, our team uses various techniques to bend and install high-quality steel bars to form your new swimming pool’s shape.

Plumbing & Electrical

Your pool's plumbing is what maintains its circulation system, making it an important part of the construction. We carefully install the skimmer, main drain system, and circulation. If your design includes therapy jets, deck jets, or other flowing systems, we install those at this step.

Placing Concrete

Our team places pressurized concrete and sculpts it according to your design, including the floor, walls, and steps. We are skilled with the necessary heavy equipment and artfully shaping concrete to make this step a timely process.

Tile & Decking

If your design includes tiles, we carefully place them around the parameter and anywhere else you envision them. The tile and decking step can take around a week to complete.

Interior Finish

This step involves putting a coating of pressurized concrete on the pool’s interior and kneading the surface to match the final design style. Water is typically added to the pool directly following the plastering process.

Pool Startup

Your new pool is almost ready to dive into at this step. We test the pool to verify whether it is functioning properly, including setting the timer and starting the circulating pump. This step also includes a thorough pool and tile deck cleaning, chlorine startup, and water balancing.

Final Deck Coating

We apply a final coating of paint to the deck to complete the pool construction process, adding shine to the pool. This step takes a couple of days to finish.

Serving Customers in Myrtle Beach, Columbia, & Beyond

Lanier Pools and Spas is ready to get started on your home’s or business’s new swimming pool. Our team ensures the finished project reflects your vision and preferences.

Schedule Pool or Spa Service at Your Home or Business